V.hoojidonk-rüþtü-de boer face

Youri Bakker

Senior Squad
My Van Hooijdonk face isn't bad, he made it like that, but hasn't changed much. Look at my pic, it looks way better. 2nd; the ss are taken with a bad 3D card. He also gave Van Hooijdonk really bad hair. Maybe mine is crap, don't mind if you think that, but I've worked very hard on that face.



Senior Squad
indede and the other Galatasaray face is his own :P

PLEASE STOP STEALING! thats the worst thing you can do!

If you admid it we can discuss it but if you dont admit it youre NOT welcome on the fifa forum!


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he can't make his own faces!
he just wants the attention of everybody
I hate those people


Youth Team
sorry youri i didnt say it was crap its a decent attempt, and it is wrong to take credit for other peoples hard work your right;)