Villarreal v Arsenal -- Champions League Semi-Final Leg 2 [P/R]


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Villarreal deserved to take this to e.t. at least, they had a very good game overall.
But I guess it was a fair thing Riquelme missed that pen after Jose Mari's blatant dive :nape:

Congrats to Arsenal, it will be great to watch them against (hopefully) Barça (H)


Sundsvall2005 said:
seriously maybe villarreal deseved a goal today,buy hey you cant say this isnt fair,cause last week we would deserve at least 3 goals.

it's not like you played any better today than they did at Highbury last week really.

It ended up being a very balanced draw decided by Lehmann who has been superb this season.

An extra time would definitely serve justice but it didn't happen and I for one am glad that Arsenal got through, it's more fun this way than an all spanish showdown.


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Well yet another Spanish team falls to Arsenal. Looking forward to the final and if by some fluke we actually win the final , Arsenal will be the first team EVER to go undefeated in the Champions League - The Invincibles are back !


El Diablo Rojo

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Well it's a pity for Villarreal.(:/)
But at least they shown that Arsenal couldn't ravage them like some were saying and that in both legs Henry wasn't decisive either. Much of an unlucky day for Villarreal, nevermind, maybe if they get to play the Intertoto next year will have another chance.:jambo:


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It was clearly Villareal vs Lehmann, damn that guy he's juz....amazing.
Henry should strip off the captain arm band & wear the barca kit, wootttt.... :p
Arsenal was so so lucky, but a least they deserved it because of jens.

gudluck in the final, arse :ewan:


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Arsenal made a disgrace of themselves tonight. Shameful, negative tactics by Wenger, and totally unnecessary too. With so many quality players it is just not right to play this defensively, especially against a side with, at least on paper, not as much quality. Villarreal deserved something tonight, because they fought for what they're worth.

Ah well, hopefully Wenger will let go of the tactical armour in the final, so we can see the real Arsenal.


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Great win by Lehmann.

Franco was 10x more what Riquelme and Forlan did on the field today, I'm really curious as to what he may become once he gets used to the European style.

Hopefully he's able to finish by the time the World Cup comes around. :fool:


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CR_manutd said:
Arsenal was **** except Lemon. Villareal was just unlucky not to score at least 1. :boohoo:

and you're just jelaous because you focked it up in the group and finished on 4th place suckers :ewan:


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It's not that Arsenal weren't playing well today, Arsenal were not playing football today! Say what you want, but there is NO reason that a team should not have a single shot the entire 90 minutes in a champions league semi final. Never mind shots on goal, Arsenal didn't have a single shot period. Yes, Henry broke free in stoppage time, but all in all, they are going to have to put forth a MUUUUUUCH better performance if they want to trouble whoever they end up playing in the final.

that said, congratulations for getting there nonetheless.


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this is the new way of winning things. Greece did it to win the Euro 2004. Liverpool won CL last year playing like this. and i wouldn't be surprised if Arsenal DEFEND there selves to the CL title this year.

1 shot on goal in 90 mins. Pathetic. imo, this is the worst football you can watch.
a team that is ONLY concentrated on defending and shutting down the opponent.

it's so damn boring. but very effective. :rolleyes:

El Diablo Rojo

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Wait, do actually any of you imply that this was the Milan-PSV of last year?:confused:

Also getting ready to see how argentinian media will blow things out of proportion saying that Arsenal completely raped the argentinian players and other **** of sort.