Voleck`s Faces


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Keidi Bare, Mario Mitaj, Uzuni, Nedim Bajrami, Dajaku? Rexhbecaj and Domgjoni would be cool too :D


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Could someone upload this update face?

Slim Hentati

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I have a mesh and textures of my own head, and this use to work on FIFA 20. I managed to extract the files using frosty editor, however I am unable to import them into FIFA 22.

I send you the files, can I let you do the import if possible? That would be very nice of you.

Here is the changed player ID : 211514
Meshes and textures : https://www.mediafire.com/file/qxwnq0vl9qt37f1/my_head_in_fifa.rar/file

Thank you in advance for your help !


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hey what about these players voleck? could u take a look pls? from lazio, danilo cataldi and nicolo casale. im playing career mode with lazio and it would be nice to have real faces for them :D