Voting: Stadium Name, part 2


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Originally posted by rpvankasteren
It would make my work so redundant... Imagine people opening the editor, changing the stadium name, and thinking... "Hmmm... while I'm in here I could just as well edit my stats..."

Everybody's personal choice, of course, but it would make this update so useless :(

I know Dragan, I should be a bad ass mod, but I can't. Just as I will respect the outcome of this poll like a good little socialist bastard. :jap:

don't worry, i do have a heart and some self control, if i were to edit, i would only edit the stadium name purely because i am such a kind-hearted person that would never want to offend someone of such admirable stature as you. O holy one :)


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Poll closed, and the winner is


SG Alienware Arena!

Thanks everyone for voting, and thanks Alienware for the excellent laptop (H)(Y)
we demand a revote.... this was clearly rigged...... there aren't 41 people in the sg team... obviously some uninvolved people voted..... their votes shouldnt count :kader:

EDIT: actually... there probably are :$

but regardless, i believe the original vote should be accepted.

as the old saying goes "accept ye the original vote"