W.S face improvisations


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Honestly I think we should ask first for la liga players with no face, later for la liga players with not very goods ones and finally for all new fifa original faces improved.

Just my opinion


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I know that you focus on players in Spain and Poland, but I thought you might try.
It’s a pity. Maybe you’ll upload a video to YouTube to convert Fifa 16 faces (only Fifa 14.15 in YouTube) I’ll try to do it myself, especially since I found a Rossi player from Los Angeles and many more talents wunderkind!
No comment, ignore?No upload video to Youtube,difficult?I want to convert players that you and others will not do. Please help me!


Oh and tits.
This is incredible mate. Waiting to see Asensio, Casemiro, Rodri, Saul, Mina, Kondogbia and Inaki.

Hope you release a big facepack soon.