WANTED: All Stadium listed (+ Platform)


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Nope... saw a list somewhere...

Club & Home ground list (to be updated)

Arsenal - Emirates Stadium
Aston Villa - Ivy Lane
Blackburn - Ivy Lane
Bolton - Square Ground
Chelsea - Stamford Bridge
Everton - Ivy Lane
Fulham - Crown Lane
Hull City - Ivy Lane
Liverpool - Anfield
Manchester City - Football Ground
Manchester Utd - Old Trafford
Middlesbrough - Square Ground
Newcastle Utd - St James' Park
Portsmouth - Crown Lane
Stoke City - Square Ground
Sunderland - Football Ground
Tottenham - Ivy Lane
West Brom - Square Ground
West Ham - Ivy Lane
Wigan - Ivy Lane

Barnsley - Crown Lane
Birmingham - Ivy Lane
Blackpool - Town Park
Bristol City - Crown Lane
Burnley - Crown Lane
Cardiff City - Crown Lane
Charlton - Estadio De Les Artes
Coventry - Ivy Lane
Crystal Palace - Ivy Lane
Derby - Estadio De Les Artes
Doncaster - Crown Lane
Ipswich Town - Ivy Lane
Norwich Chity - Ivy Lane
Notts Forest - Ivy Lane
Plymouth - Crown Lane
Preston - Ivy Lane
QPR - Crown Lane
Reading - Stade Municipal
Sheff Wednesday - Square Ground
Sheff UTD - Ivy Lane
Southampton - Stade Municipal
Swansea - Crown Lane
Watford - Crown Lane

Aberdeen - Crown Lane
Celtic - Football Ground
Dundee - Town Park
Falkirk - Town Park
Hamilton - Crown Lane
Hearts - Crown Lane
Hibernian - Crown Lane
Inverness - Town Park
Kilmarnock - Crown Lane
Motherwell - Crown Lane
Rangers - Football Ground
St Mirren - Town Park

Adelaide - Aloha Park
CC Mariners - Town Park
Melb. Victory - Stadion Hanguk
Newcastle Jets - Crown Lane
Perth Glory FC - Aloha Park
Phoenix - Estadio De Les Artes
QLD Roar - Estadio De Les Artes
Sydney FC - Stadion Hang UK

Ivy_Lane.jpg - Day/Overcast

Square_Ground.jpg - Day/Dusk/Overcast

Crown_Lane.jpg - Day/Night/Overcast

Football_Ground.jpg - Day/Overcast

Town_Park.jpg - Day/Dusk/Overcast

Stade_Municipal.jpg - Day/Overcast

Source: http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/...ft-xbox-360/343253-club-home-ground-list.html


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I thought that White Hart Lane was in the game last year.
Why isn't it in the game this year?

Wikipedia states that White Hart Lane and Circle Arena have been removed.
Does anyone know why?

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White Hart Lane is in again...
Guys, like I've already said, there are NO CHANGES concerning the stadium!!! Every stadium that was in last year is also in this year again!

The List Keegan posted is only for the console versions.


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so they're using the generic eng.db again... because those stadia are listed in it... ah well...