WC Group C: Argentina v. Côte d'Ivoire {P & R}


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this belgian ref must not like africans...horrendous not calling most fouls on the argentines...drogba blows a good chance...AGAIN


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The Ivorians are spent. They've pretty much resigned themselves to their fate on this one, man.

I would consider a half a goal lead against Argentina insurmountable, but two full goals? Nah, niggas, just give up and save yourselves up for the next one.


wow dindane just got raped in the corner, yet no foul. But the argies just get touched and cry and they get all the calls.


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tuffgong said:
who names their child yaya? i just saw lolita and the catchy theme is called lolita yaya.

Someone form a differnect culture and speaks a differnt language perhaps?

Anyway, Ivory coast have played well so far.


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The Belgians were responsible for the massive massacres in the Congo and the Rwanda genocide, so take what you will from that, brothers.