WC Quarter-Final: Germany - Argentina {P & R}


El Merengue Argentino
Match 57

Friday 30 June 2006

Venue - Olympiastadion - Berlin, Germany

Referee - Lubos Michel

German Probable Line-up -
Friedrich Mertesacker Metzelder Lahm
Frings Ballack
-- Schneider ------------ Schweinsteiger
---------- Podolski
Klose -----

Argentine Line-up -
Burdisso Ayala Heinze---
L. Gonzalez Mascherano M. Rodriguez
Saviola Crespo

Best match of the tournament so far. I expect a battle.


Team Captain
Here's the German team, it's not much of a secret:

------------------- Lehmann ------------

Friedrich -- Mertesacker -- Metzelder -- Lahm

------------- Frings ------- Ballack --------------

Schneider ------------------------------Schweinsteiger

--------------------------------- Podolski ----------
------------ Klose ----------------------------

I'm not making any predictions but we gotta do what we do best - go out, overrun the opponent and score an early goal. We can't waste as many chances as against Sweden.


Youth Team
Germany chose the right path to the Finals by topping group A. First they played in Allianz, now Olympiastadion. The atmosphere in the stadium will definitely be on their side.


Red Card [Being a douche] exp. 22/1/06
I really hope we pull the upset but can see the Argies going through in this one. We have been playing ridicuosly well but they have a lot of talent that can decide the game with a single play.

Da Kid

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I just love when this german guys hope they will win against Argentina... :rofl: :rofl:

After this game Klinsman will be unemployed! :junior:

Back Door Skip

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I think Argentina's offense was somewhat exposed last game. If Germany can neutralize Riquelme/Cambiasso, they'll definitely have the upper hand, since most of their attacks are created from those two. Eitherway, it should be the most entertaining game of the quarterfinals, I think. Hopefully it leads up to the expectations.

Krypton X

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It's a shame one of those sides has to go out before the semis, they've both produced some of the best football over the past couple of weeks.
The Argies are overwhelmingly the favourites on paper of course, but they would be a bit worn out after that Mexico game. In comparison Germany has had a seemingly effortless run to the quarters with easy wins over Sweden and Ecuador in the last 2 games. They would be in very high spirits, and seeing Argentina struggle in front of the Mexicans would've done their confidence no harm either.

The key for the Germans will be whether they can make their chances count, and if they don't Argentina will be sure to capitalize, probably exploiting Germany's shaky defence better than any other team they're yet to face. Big match winning players will also make a huge difference, Germany has Ballack and probably Lahm who's really coming into his own as of late, but Argentina has about half a dozen match winners and the most impressive bench squad i've seen in a while.

I'm hoping for a fair and entertaining game, not marred by more stupid refereeing decisions. My heart says Germany, but my head says Argentina. And if the fans can push the home team through they'd be a very strong chance of reaching the WC final.


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Krypton, Klose is not a matchwinner?

Da Kid said:
I just love when this german guys hope they will win against Argentina... :rofl: :rofl:
The way the German team has been playing why shouldn't we be optimistic about the game? :rolleyes:

After this game Klinsman will be unemployed! :junior:
That'd be up to him, the German FA is not going to sack him. I can see him taking over the US job after the WC.


El Merengue Argentino
If I could choose our XI for this match, I would choose -



Reserve Team
Argentina 3 - 1 Germany

Tevez x2 - Lahm

Kahn will then storm the pitch after the match, strangle Lehmann and then hang him off the crossbar.

Krypton X

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-Vince- said:
Krypton, Klose is not a matchwinner?
I'm not used to seeing him as one but he's been superb in the Ecuador and Sweden games, I hope he carries that form into this match aswell. Actually I don't really care who can win the game as long as Germany does.

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We apologize for keeping the yellow too long
Yellow Card
Germany 3:2 Argentina

Home fans are a major part of the Cup run that this German team is on. Can't see it stopping now.

Despite Argentina's depth, they just seem like a bit of a boring team at times...Riquelme's demeanour is not exactly a positive one throughout the game. He seems unwilling to turn it on at times.


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I hate how the German goals are announced so enthusiastically, while every other country's is like.."meh..it's a goal for Argentina..not so important".


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Should be a good match, i really hope that it will be a match to remember and not one marrred by some controversy. Since the Dutch are already out, i want Argentina to win the whole damn thing.