WC Quarter-Final: Germany - Argentina {P & R}

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D1gooid said:
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You Sir are an Idiot but a funny idiot :). Was this GK that came in for Pato better then Lux?


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The Germans are one hell of a tournament team. They might not have as many 'world-class' individuals but they always come together as a team and work their bollocks off in every tournament.

As for Argentina, they shot themselves in the foot. Taking off offensive players and settling on the one goal lead. When the Germans did equalise you were in the sh!t, no pace in the attack and no Riquelme to pull off that defence breaking pass. I noticed a few have criticised Riquelme on here but if there's no forward runners making runs for him to pick out all he can do is pass backwards. He simply had no options in the first half.

Man of the match: The referee, got every call spot on and didn't fall for the Argentine play-acting.


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Surprising game for me. Both teams pretty cagey,but considering what was at stake, understandable. I was surprised by Pekermans lack of bravery concerning his subs though. I thought he was Sven Goran for a moment there. Both teams pretty equal and gave as good as they got. I thought it was a pretty clean game too. The only dives I saw (2) both got carded so thats fair. I thought the ref did a good job.

Penalties is a crap way to win or lose a game. I hate the shootout, its just a lottery to a certain extent. I feel sorry for Argentina. After all the work they have put into this campaign and the enjoyment they have given us, its a shame they go out on penalties. I've enjoyed watching them, they have some very watchable players. Hard luck fellas, we know what it feels like to exit on penalties. You still have a team to be proud of.

Congrats Germany, ( my second fav National team), Very strong and persistant resistance and Ballack playing through his injury for so long was admirable.

I dont wanna talk about the bundle at the end. Its best forgotton about. In the heat of the moment and all that. Also we dont know yet what really happened. I'll just remember Argentinas great football thank you............ :$


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BayernFan01 said:
some of you english complain when germany succeeds in something, go worry about portugal and your theory of subs= ****. now leave it at that.

Right MY theory of subs... as I said shut your mouth and read through the posts before having a go at me. But seems like I'll have to spell it out for you, achtung read up.

ShearerM4 said:
what rule would that be then ????
you saying you should be able to substitute a player who's injured even if you've already made 3 changes??
note the question marks meaning surprise and misunderstanding

and now here is my opinion on the subject:
ShearerM4 said:
yeah exactly. What a ridiculously stupid idea that would be.
It's the same for everyone, and if the manager wants to gamble and use all three subs knowing there's a chance of extra time or a lot of time left in the game then that's his problem.
Verstehest du? Now go put your lederhosen on on got out to celebrate the win.


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Apparently the BBC commentator said that rumble on the picth occured after a Argentinian player fying kicked a German player in the gut, disgraceful.


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Spurs4Life said:
Apparently the BBC commentator said that rumble on the picth occured after a Argentinian player fying kicked a German player in the gut, disgraceful.

That was probably Cufre (in fifa website it says he got a red in min 120) or most likely Heinze.


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CAMON ITALY! I want them to crush the sh*t out of Germany. I'm sick of this German garbage going on. Argentina deserved to win..tough luck, oh well. Now it's time for Italy to shine. I may hate Italy, but I DESPISE Germany. FORZA AZZZZZURRI!


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people should be careful on how they talk about other countries no matter how they feel, calling Germany garbage for example is just a bit too much IMHO.


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This was what Mertesacker got after saying something to Cufre...then apparently Bierhoff said something to Heinze and Sorin...

But i believe that this is the image that we want from football...

This game was the first FINAL....and i believe germany will win the second final...

Good Luck, from one WC to another WC...


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Axolote said:
"suck me, beautiful" anyone?

sorry, couldn't resist :$

btw if the Germans actually provoked the Argies, I don't feel a bit sorry for the likes of Martesacker.