WCQ : Argentina v. Brasil {P & R}


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This is the point, Argentina are a TEAM, Brazil more often than not play like individuals..Usually this is enough to win, but not this time.

Very impressed with Argentina, Especially the first half..Congrats

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I have a lot more respect for Argentina after this result. At first I thought that they were a fallen power but now I realize that they are very much a contender to Brazil and England.

Although that Ecuador (hammered by Colombia a few days later) result is still puzzling......... :confused:

Kibe Kru

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newbie original said:
now I realize that they are very much a contender to Brazil and England.
I'm a brazilian who likes England and their football... but it's not like they're a level above the other euro countries... I'd say England is in the same level as the Czechs, Portugal and Holland, and that's being optimistic...


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Argentine is not a fallen power IMO...
Its true that the last world cup was a step back for us...

But last year was a display of argentine power...

1st place in the Panamericano U-23
Golden Medal in Athens (U-23)
And 2nd place in the Copa America (After the penalty shootout)
First World champion qualyfied for the world cup 2006...

And we have a lot of great young players: Lux, Coloccini, Milito, Mascherano, Lucho Gonzalez, Messi, Tevez, Saviola, Cavenaghi, Delgado, and a lot more...

We only need a little more luck in the next world cup...

Anyway, just let the other teams be favourites for winning the wolrd cup...we will go quietly...


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just watched the match...

:Bow: Riquelme, holy **** what a player

Barcelona are morons, why would they let him (AND Saviola) go? :|


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Yeah, he is so calm with the ball at his feet, it's amazing.

Wasn't that backheel out of the air amazing right before he scoredhis wonder goal (Y) :jap:

Kibe Kru

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Riquelme is awesome... when he was at Boca he had the best performance I've seen from a player against Palmeiras in the libertadores.. after he moved to spain I haven't seen much of him though... it's pretty obvious he still is a great player

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...just watched the game today. :nape:


- Riquelme's goal = the backheel touch + the control to push R.Junior to one side + his left-footed blast...and catches Dida going the wrong way. :Bow:

- Why is R.Junior still being called up? :rolleyes:

- R.Carlos' goal = ...well, what do you expect. :hump:

(8)Ole Ole Ole Ola, Argentina al Mundia!!! (8)