Weird issue with forum


Youth Team
In last week or so i was unable to get in forums and i just found workaround just few minutes ago.

Upper image is what i saw when trying to get into forums on my bookmarked topic (used other bookmarked links too, same thing). Bottom image is same link when using workaround.

The funny thing is- as you can see, link in both screenshots is the same, yet when i tried to get into site via subscribed topic (i.e tried to go to subforums from there) it only showed me stuff similar to upper screen. In fact it still does so if i wish to enter site via bookmarked link, no matter what browser i use (tried chrome & edge as well) or wheter or not adblock is active.

Now, what did i do? I went to simply (typed in manually) and it suddenly works. I just have to manually navigate.
OS is Windows 10 and i have latest firefox.


Youth Team
Probably not the OS or not even the browser. Happened to me to before.

OS: Win 7 x64
Browser: Chrome