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Discussion in 'FIFA 12 Forum' started by regularcat, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. regularcat

    regularcat Manager Moderator

    Jun 11, 2008
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    ladies & gentlemen, welcome to the fifa 12 forum.

    we would like to keep the forum structures intact by following the rules & keeping everything in order to avoid any problems the forums had in the past.

    the mods are asking of every member who comes & goes from this forum & all forums on the sg network to get on board & get this forum back to how it was in its glory days.

    this cant be done by just us mods, it requires all of us to make this happen.

    a few things we can do to make this a better place for everyone is by doing things we are supposed to do from following rules to keeping structure for an easier to navigate, search & find the things we are looking for throughout the forums here at sg.

    first off, lets use the forums for what they are for & keep it that way.
    using the proper requesting methods to get what we are looking for w/o cluttering the forums & making ourselves have to search throughout the clutter.

    make sure we use the SEARCH function, its quicker than creating a thread where it does not belong & then getting yourself flamed for doing so.

    the cleaner the forums, the easier it is to find what we are looking for, period.

    i have asked editors/modders to keep an index of their work to make the search function more useful.

    thus allowing for faster finding of the thread/file you are looking for & its cuts down on the amount of spam, unneeded threads & makes the forum more accessible & enjoyable.

    lets try to keep things on topic, truth is the less off topic posts the less you have to search through to get to your desired thread/file.

    lets be respectful of the members here at sg, whether its a newbie or a veteran, this includes myself & i am on board 100%.

    the more respect shown, rules followed the better the forum will be for everyone.


    if so please read the read me stickies in each forum as they hold the keys to everything mentioned above & will make this forum better in the long run.

    & last but not least, enjoy yourself.
  2. gelo2613

    gelo2613 Club Supporter

    Jun 25, 2012
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    FIFA 12 Pointers
    iPad version

    -**************Do not change the formation or do not play players in the position that they do not play in ************
    = If you do change the formation, I suggest the 4-1-2-1-2 and only change the position of the player if it makes the plyer better
    - Scouting
    = Scout defensemen in england and italy
    = Scout midfielders in spain and "rest of world"
    = Scout forwards in england and germany
    = Scout goalies in germany and americas
    = When scouting make sure that you sign players OVER the overall (number in star) of 70, make sure these players are 21 years old and younger
    = When scouting always scout for what you need most not what you dont need
    = When scouting always scout at a "deep search" **
    = When scouting make sure that your scout is at 10
    - Transfers
    = To find good players for transfers you should look at other teams lineups and only buy players that are over 80 and younger then 27, to look at lineups you click on the other teams logo and see what players they have
    = If they are to expensive add them to the shortlist
    = To sell players make sure that the player is under 83 and older then 30
    = To make sure that younger players (players that you just scouted or that are 21 and younger get better) get better you put them on loan. You put players on loan in the same place where you sell them. Don't worry you wont lose your player he comes back at the end of the year
    = Recommended Players (see what fits to your needs/where your team is weak and for the budget of your team)
    * GK: Joe Hart (start: 84 ovr. & 24 age, end: 87 ovr)
    * LB: Sergio Ramos (start: 84 ovr. & 24 age, end 89 ovr)
    * LCB: Bonucci (start: 83 ovr. & 22 age, end 86 ovr)
    * RCB: Chielleni (start: 84 ovr. & 27 age, end 85 ovr)
    * RB: Marcelo (can also play LB, LM and RM) (start: 81 ovr. & 22 age, end: 91 ovr)
    * CDM: Khedria (start: 84 ovr. & 24 age, end: 89 ovr)
    * LM: Erikksen (start 82 ovr. & 19 age, end: 93 ovr)
    * CAM: Di Maria (start 84 ovr. & 25 age, end: 89 ovr)
    * RM: Milner (start 86 ovr. & 26 age, end: 87 ovr) - gets tired easily
    * RS: Cavani (start 88 ovr. & 23 age, end: 93 ovr)
    * LS: Balotelli (start 84 ovr. & 20 age, end: 91 ovr)
    * LM/LS: Lavezzi (min - 84, max - 87)
    * CAM: Hamsik (min - 84, max - 88)
    * GK: Neuer (min - 86, max - 89)
    * Any midfielding or striker position: Cristiano Ronaldo (min - 87, max - 96)
    * Striker: Messi (min - 90, max - 94)
    * RM: Ozil (min - 81, max - 90)
    * CM: Sahin (min - 85, max- 92)
    * LM: Piatti (min - 85, max - 88)
    - Upgrading Staff
    = To upgrade staff go to the "manage club" section of your menu and *upgrade the staff. No matter what always make your scout to 10 and your negotiator 8 and up. Your medical staff should be high as well
    - Discipline
    = You should be getting a maximum of 8 fouls a game and 1 booking (card) a game. Red cards should only be taken when an opposing player is on a breakaway.
    - Training
    = Train your players at the beginning of the year, do all the sections for each position once. Do them every 2nd day.
    - Contracts
    = At the beginning of the year when you get an email saying "review your contract alerts", go to the manage team section of the menu and click on the contract alerts section. Renew all contracts unless the player is old (in that case you would sell that player)!
    * Players 18-24 = 5 year contracts (you could sell them if they don't pan out
    * Players 25+ = 2-4 year contracts (depending on how good they are)
    * Players 75 and under overall = 28,500$ and less (depending on how good they are and their market value) – salary
    * Players between the overall of 76-80 = 30,000$ - 35,000$ – salary
    * Players between the overall of 81-85 = 36,000$ - 44,000$ – salary
    * Players between the overall of 86-90 = 45,000$ - 85,000$ – salary
    * Players with an overall of 90 and more = 90,000$ and up – salary
    * Only use the percentage section of a contract in transfer negotiations to get the player to buy in, never give higher then 10%
    = When one of your board expectations is *to renew a contract of a certain player by a certain amount of years, you must go to the club transfer list. There you will find the player and renew his contract to 4-5 years
    - Board Expectations
    = Do what it says, it is given to you at the beginning of the year and repeated half way through the year, it might occur that the expectations change half way through the year. The expectations are always available to see in the main screen, it is the blinking mail.
    - Possible Board Expectations:
    = Sign 1 or more player to a 3 year (or more) contract
    * Go to the "club transfer list" and renew a contract to 3 or more years OR go to the "contract alerts" and sign a player to 3 or more years
    = Sign a certain player (for example, M. Balotelli)*to a contract of 3 or more years
    * Go to the "club transfer list" and renew his contract to 3 or more years
    = The expectations that concern the tournaments or the leagues
    * Do the best you can by winning as much games as possible in the league
    * For the tournaments win all the games!
    = Upgrading Staff
    * See section on upgrading staff
    = Get your budget to a certain amount (example: 19,000,000$)
    * Only start working on this 1/2 way through the year, because you gain money for winning tournaments, playing games and winning your league
    * If you still need money sell a player, that are worth average amount in the market value and aren't useful to your team
    = Sign a player under a certain age (ex: 25)
    * Go to www.google.ca and research a good and young player
    * Always take time to look at the transfer market first
    = Sign a "star player"/ make a "big signing"
    * Look at other teams good players
    * Check the list given to you, on top
    * Go to www.google.ca and research a good and young player
    * Always take time to look at the transfer market first
    - Tournaments
    = English Premier League/ Barclays P.L*
    * League Cup
    + Single Knockout
    * F.A Cup
    + Single Knockout
    + In the semi - finals it is a leg match, 2 games with a combined score of both games – if in the first game you lose 1-0 you must win the next game 2-0
    * F.A community shield
    + The winner of Barclays P.L vs the winner of the F.A cup
    + If a team won both events then it is the winner of B.P.L vs the runner up of the F.A *cup
    * Barclays P.L
    + A league – to win you must finish 1st
    = Liga B.B.V.A (spanish league/La Liga)
    * SuperCup Espagna
    + A 2 leg game with the winner of the Spanish Cup to play the winner of La Liga, if a team wins both then its the winner or the Spanish Cup vs the runner up of La Liga
    * Spanish Cup
    + A 2 leg tournament
    * Liga B.B.V.A
    + A league – you must finish 1st to win
    = Seria A (italian league)
    * Coppa Nazionale
    + A 2 leg tournament
    * Supper Coppa
    + A single knockout game between the winner of the coppa nazionale and the Seria A, if a team won both events then it is the winner of Seria A vs the runner up of the Coppa Nazionale
    * Seria A
    +*A league – you must finish 1st to win
    = Rest of World (europe)
    * Champions Cup/UEFA European Champions League
    * Euro League/UFEA Euro Cup
    * Copa Europe/UFEA Super Cup
    + The match will contain the winner of the Champions Cup and the winner of the Euro League
    + For more info:*http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Super_Cup
    - Quick Tips
    = Quick Sim games against team that to your judgment are average and weaker
    = Visual Sim games against teams that are average (in tournaments)
    * To intervene (start playing) click the checkmark
    * When visually simulating games, check the fatigue level for your players when they reach half way and less manage your team and substitute these players
    * If you are down with 45 min to go don't intervene (depending the score)
    * If you are down with 35 min or less, intervene (depending the score)
    * If you are tied with 15 min or less, intervene
    = Play all games against rivals, teams in 2nd and 3rd in your league, semi - finals and final games and against teams that to your judgment are the same skill level or close to the same skill level or of course better then you
    - Q & A
    = email me at: [email protected]
  3. galbroot1989

    galbroot1989 Club Supporter

    Jun 30, 2012
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  4. ledatcr2

    ledatcr2 Starting XI

    Sep 28, 2009
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    Today is 7/9/2012 ! Still have not FIFA13 Forums ?

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