What a bug!!


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I'm playing with Arsenal in Season mode. I won against Barcelona in the first round of the knockout stages, 1-0 at home and 3-1 away. BUT, Barcelona are still in the tournament and they've reached the semi finals! :confused:

Mel Brennan

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Originally posted by randar
i know...i have noticed lot of bugs like this:(

That attachment, if authentic, is pathetic. Who, in the corridors of billion-in-sales-per-year power, is establishing and maintaining the quality of coding and QA/QT? They should be fired immediately.

WOW...this, to me, seems like basic stuff.


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And I drew my way to winning the final. In the knockout stages I drew all 3 matches and went through to the final which I won, hence proclaimed champions. EA are soo embarassing with these errors, sack the the lot of them. They have taken years of failure to produce one of the best if not the best footie game ever on the PC with the massive resources available to them, and we still get amature errors like this. I so wish some other software company had the resources and the will to do the job properly as EA clearly cannot.