What determines which national teams you can take over in your first season?


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In most of my careers I get proposals from teams like Venezuela, Peru, Serbia, Bulgaria, South Korea etc.

It seems like more attractive teams get available only in subsequent seasons.

What is the decisive factor for this choice? Is it international reputation? Or the team strength? Or something else?

I am currently trying really hard to take over my favourite national team (which is a bit, but not a lot better than the above mentioned) in the first season, but this never seems to work, regardless how successful I am as a club manager.

Anyone got an idea what I could do? I tried reducing national and international reputation and also the players' overall ratings in CM14, but this does not seem to help.


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Replying to myself: it's a nation's "level" in CM14. THe lowest seems to be 7, and while your reputation as a club manager has not grown big yet, you will typically be offered team manager jobs for nations of "level" 7. So what I did successfully was "promote" some nations to level 6 and demote my nation to 7. After that, in a new career, I was offered the national team job in my first season.


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Does anyone know how to reduce the said level to 7? Would love to manage Russia NT in my first 19/20 season and qualify for Euro 2020.