where is "Superpatch 2.0.dkz" ?


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Ok so I'm trying to get the Superpatch working and I've done every step except I just cannot find this Superpatch 2.0.dkz and so I can't import it. I have the program and everything but where is the file? My game crashes just after the tactics menu and I'm almost sure that this thing is the reason behind it. Thanks for the help!


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cmon guys... I just don't get this step:

be sure you have install DKZ Studio 0.90 or
Download from here: http://rapidshare.de/files/6805934/DkZ_Studio.rar
and install them

- Click on "Superpatch 3.0.dkz"
- DKZ Studio will open automaticly
- Go to: Patch -->Aplly Patch in Folder
and use the /dat Folder where you have installed the Game.
- Click OK
- Finshed Import updated Stadiums, Bootpack, Online Database

where the hell is this "Superpatch 3.0.dkz"? I can't click on it because I've no idea as to where it is...


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^ sorry dude I didn't explain myself right... I'm doign this with the 2.0 patch. It tells me to install this .dkz thing after I install the option file but I can't find it anywhere...there's no such folder in my game