Which one of the High School Musical casts you wanna tear limb from limb ?


How big is YOUR penis?


How big is YOUR penis?
ShiftyPowers;2390241 said:
Hans, this is a little sad. Aren't you like 25?

They put the commercials of the sequel on my cable TV almost every 5 minutes, and I don't even have Disney Channel...

And that Afro-Haired guy just pissed me off for whatever the hell reason...


That Nice Guy
I think he's the one who has a ****-stupid name and has released a single, right? If so, him, i'll shoot him.


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A kind my class brought this for us to see after we took or exams, the teacher complied, and I had to leave the room after the first song. As punishment, I was forced to watch through half an hour of it, and frankly, I want to disembowel everyone involved.