Which skin is the best? Stone Skin[nor-rbk] vs Chameleon[NIDOKING]


Fan Favourite
Skin 3
Name: Stone Skin
Creator: Studio Vista
Date of release: 04/11/04
Downloads at Susie: 8985
Rating at Susie: 4/5

Skin 4
Name: Chameleon
Creator: KJ Radestock
Date of release: 25/11/04
Downloads at Susie: 10648
Rating at Susie: 4/5


Senior Squad
Chameleon is sometimes easy, sometimes not.

It's easy if you manage, for example, Santos, but terribly annoying when you're managing teams like Basel.

About Stone, that Green + Orange (+15 stats) combination it's really bad for my eyes =(

Chameleon gets my vote with a slightly difference


Fan Favourite
And the second qualifier is....Stone Skin!
Congrats to nor-rbk, Studio Vista and everyone who voted.