Who do you think is the most overated player in your team at the minute?


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I'm gonna go with Joe Allen. Yeah he knows how to pass a ball, and he can keep possession, but how many of this passes actually... do something? Think he needs a few more assists before we all start referring to him as a god.



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Hazard and Oscar. Great players, bags of potential, but still a long way to go. I'm reading tons of articles about this front 3 possibly being the next best thing since Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. If they still get people going like this in January, I'll convert, but while optimistic, right now I'm wary.


Oh and tits.
Captain Vermaelen!!! If you analyze him properly he has not many defensive qualities to be honest. Great leap and upper body strength but struggles against big strikers apart from Carroll-in fact his last top class performance in a defensive sense was against Candy in **** form. Is an excellent footballer but thats not very defensive. Positionally out of his depth and incredibly poor decision making.Gets beat 1 on 1 almost always. No sense of when to bomb and when to control himself. Has great facial expressions but no one falls for it. Judas van persie the skinny ****er was more of a hard man than him. Good tackler but poor decision making. Kinda like the Song of defense.

However we still have a good defensive record.


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Christian Eriksen.

Gets hyped up as one of the biggest talents of Europe.
Is invisible in every match that counts.

Sir Calumn

If we mean overrated by the club and management, then it's Mikel. But he's not exactly overrated by the fans as all the Chelsea fans in the pubs I drink at hate him.


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I guess maybe Pique. At his best he's definitely up there as one of the very best, but his form hasn't been that great. Also, he never plays as good with anybody other than Puyol.