Who here thinks the PS2 vers will be MUCH better than the PC vers?


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I just can't see how you mean "it's a console game."

The only thing that the PS2 release will have that I'm envious of is the "FIFA 94" bonus. It would remind me of those nice days I had with my 486 when I was just this little kid.

But far from that, I mean PS2 has far out-dated hardware, how will it be better?


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Er... I think that for the last year a lot of PS2-style gamepads have been released. Like the Logitech or Thrustmaster ones.


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to hell with consoles

the funny thing is

all console games are being developed using these Consoles SDK ( ps2/ xbox ) on a PC system !

and u've chosen the worth looking console , ps2 graphics suck compared to xbox

see san andreas for example , it took them 1 year to increase textures/ model details for the PC version ( it was a ps2 release )

doom3 was never made on ps2 cuz " it cant handle it "

ur just a sick fanboy man , I THINK PS2 RULES UR ALL ASS BLA BLA BLA



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I believe consoles are made by the devil and contain hidden messages who will take our kids straight to hell. Now leave me alone I am reading something on 666.com!

Seriously, if Fifa would ever be better on consoles than on pc I swear I'll eat my gamepad for breakfast and then run out on the street naked screaming like a little girl!


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No way man, as SlowSilver said the only things I like about the consoles are their gamepads, but consoles suck.