Why can I not run the demo ??


Reserve Team
Alright, i could run the demo like the first day it was released .. then i downloaded some demo raptor ( a few weeks back) and it ****ed it up so it didn't work .. If i reinstalled the game and tryed it again a got a message the game was not installed correct. The autostart after the installation and when i tryed to run the game from the folder as well !!

Now when i got the new american demo i thought that would work .. now i have another problem. I get no direct error messages or whatever but when i try to enter the game i get that black screen like it's loading, but instead of entering the game i get thrown back to the desktop, what's up with this ??
I've tryed to download directx 9 and new drivers for my graphic card but nothing works !

Please help me !


Senior Squad
dat happened to me but somehow when i kept trying it (like keep on restart ur comp) it worked but i really dun noe how i fixed


Reserve Team
damn .. now i can run the demo but whe i have selected two teams and are ready to play the demo shuts down !!