Why don't we compile all our Fifa edits on one disc?


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Hello 2 anyone who is reading this post. To be straight, i was wondering if all you Great Patch Makers and Creators could do so: gather all your creations (Leagues, stadiums, teams, graphic and gameplay enhancement and misc stuff such as flags, kits, boots etc) and burn them with the rest FIFA files to be like a new game, including all your stuff. This could save soooo much time and probably make the editing much safer.
I could understand if you tell me "cut with the ##@$", but i couldn't resist asking! Thanks for any responses! :)


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Cut with the ##@$.

But seriously, there are many things to consider with your idea. Firstly, you'd be making copies of EA's game (albeit with user-made additions) and I doubt they would be very happy about that. Secondly, that would be unlikely to fit on a standard DVD and would lead to question of media suitability etc. Thirdly, you would end up with obscure leagues you may not be the least bit interested in, such as the Jamaican Confederations Super League which determines which teams qualify for the Jamaican Digicel Premier League. (Which, while currently unmade, sounds like a great idea!) Fourthly, you would have to contend with users making their favourite local leagues comparable to the top leagues of the world, such as Portmore United in Jamaica being ranked more highly than Tottenham Hotspurs or Newcastle (although the latter is debatable... ;))

Point of protocol, though - when you make a new thread, it is nice to give the thread a title that tells the other users of the forum what the thread is about.



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Lots of reasons

1. Copyright
2. Creators would probably say no e.g. Monkey Dragon, Rinaldo
3. How would we get the disk
4. Too hard
5. Too big to fit even on a 8gb cd
6. lot's would not be on
7. too hard tofind
8. Lot's of leagues wouldn't be on there e.g. A-League
9. people wouldn't/couldn't be bothered e.g. the two creators of the UCL patch have uni and couldnt be bothered continuing even though they were almost done
10. WHY? when u can download

in conclusion good idea but too hard


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I think he simply means a patch for the big leagues. The CEP is the best one isn't it? It updates rosters, leagues, stadiums, jerseys, etc. It's about 2 GB.

I think the best option is to download that patch, then download newer updates like shoes, kits, faces, etc.

Anyone have any recommendations?


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for me the big surprise remains the lack of south american championships in the patchmakers world!


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treble41;2681179 said:
I think the best option is to download that patch, then download newer updates like shoes, kits, faces, etc.

Well none of other league-addon patch is compatible after installing cep except their updates so that option is necessary.
For me I don't actually care about adding many extern leagues because I don't prefer career mode :coffe-anim: