Why oh why?


Youth Team
This may be the wrong place to write about this:

I uninstalled CC2005 and fifa 2005. I deleted all the remaining fifa files (yes the ones in My Documents). Then I reinstalled fifa and CC2005. I used Kit Raptor to import some 2gkits and Boot Raptor to import some boots, afterwards I ran FATBH Builder v2.0. Then I used CC2005 to import faces and when closing CC I'm asked "Do you want to save?" and I choose "Yes". After that I ran FATBH Builder v2.0 again. I start Fifa and try to play as Arsenal against Chelsea and when the game is loading it crashes back to desktop. Then I ran FATBH Builder v2.0 AGAIN to see if it would help. I starf fifa and selects to play as Arsenal against Juventus and this time it works! I'm happy as hell :rockman: and tries to play another game, Arsenal vs AC Milan. But what happens...oh yes, the game crashes to desktop!

What the hell is wrong?! I'm so tired of this! I've never been able to edit a Fifa game and have it work. Suggestions any1? :boohoo: