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Shafto;3551407 said:
Have you converted the kit to a TGA. Mine works fine in Fifa Manager 13 as do other kits I've downloaded from here.
hey thx for help, it worked, i downloaded a converter tool, great !! make my day buddy


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wuduVfB;3551006 said:
hm i have a Problem, i want to use the Celtic Kits for FM 13 but it doesnt work :( a have put some other kits from the Forum into my FM13 Folder ( Liverpool ect .. ) and it works very well but the Celtic Kits dont work ..

ID is 002A0001 and i put the away and home tag behind it but it doesnt work :(

someone can help me ?
The kits must have tga format to work in FM13.


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Barcelona 13/14


guys i stoped making FIFA 14 kits now i will only making FIFA 10 (best) kits only. Hope you will support me. Thanks

next i will do Nike Manchester City 13-14 Third Kit.


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Soccer Gaming Team kit

I had nothing to do so i made this kits. :D


If you u to wear this kit and Join team SG then,
go to

and fill your application.
every 1 can join even a newbie with 1 post.:Shifty:
Guys the first 15 will only be eligible SO HURRY!!!!!!

@all - Im free any request. I will only do them if i get HQ pics and if they are adidas or nike etc