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bro , this is the only better quality pic i can get !! The "Models" logo is of poor quality online .. !!

the club logo is here :



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We had Christmas Celebrations today at school and our school closed for 10 days as WINTER BREAK we enjoyed but our exams starts after 10 days . So no kits till next year. :(

Im very happy with my progress with Kit making for FIFA 14 and i love you all my supporters. Thanks for the support.

Mean while if you want me to make me a friend on fb here you go -

Im just 13 years old. Keep in mind. :)

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

And see you with my kits next year!!


Senior Squad
guys there is a chance. im not going anywere this holidays so i hope to find some spare time and do some kits :D