Winning Eleven 7I TV Commercial


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Just saw a commercial for WE7I ON Fox Sports World here in the US. This is great as the game is given even more exposure. Too bad they dont show some awesome Gameplay though.:rockman: :hump: (H)


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Dude, I saw it too. It was a great commercial. Maybe Konami really does want the game to succeed here in the States.

I've never seen a FIFA 2004 commercial here.......


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Talking of WE7 I , Is there less shot blocking? and I heard that they had tweaked the player animation, not that there is to much wrong with PES3's animation ( I myself think some shots by players in Pes3 looked like stubbed shots) mm like when you hit under the ball with a short stroke to get back-spin on the ball.

Thats all I was just wondering as I said,


1. Is there less shot blocking?

2, More Player animation?

I was playing a game against Barcalona , I came back to win 3-2, but for long spells I was pounding there box with shots some outside and some just inside, I must have had at least 10/11 shots blocked, I hope they find a way to cut most of that out in PES4, I guess it was meant to keep the scores down. I think if they can get better AI where players can defend the goal with more than just getting there body , be it head legs or whatever in the way. I know it will take time to get even better AI and I look forward to that day be it PES4 or 5 even 6. . it just annoying seeing so many shots blocked , in the game against Barca it was getting unreal.


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is there by chance u can tape the ad next time, and then transfer it to your computer, and upload it. because i would love to see that ad

way to go konami marketing department!! lol :rockman:


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I didn't see this, but I saw the one on GOLTV, that was great. I dont understand a nut in Spanish so I didnt know what they were saying :confused: