Winning Eleven 8 Liveware Evolution Media! *NEW*


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Wow man, that intro is simply amazing, the best one I`ve seen in WE. The tricks , the moves damn everything is superb..

PS3 should be able to hold on to a gameplay as we see in WE intros.


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Originally posted by Zygalski
It depends on what referee you have. They all have different levels of strictness and card-showing. They are posted somewhere, out of 3 for both.

ive never got a card for pulling a player. I do not mean tackling, put holding a player down with your hands. Never got a card, but its damn annoying when your opponent gives you 10+ faults for holding without carding.


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"ive never got a card for pulling a player."

Well your lucky, I got a 2nd yellow for pulling on a player, couldnt believe it.

Its just some refs let you away with murder while some **** on you for nothing, kinda like Hugh Dallas for Rangers :p


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**New confirmed stuff**

- 2 new tricks
- new stadiums of which one might possibly be State De France. :D
- kits, apperances, stats and teams updated.
- ML improved:
*new growing patters
*more ways to improve stats off the field
*possible further development (during prime years) after the initial growth (early years).

- obviously the online play for Japan, the real online mode unlike the one seen in PES4 (Xbox & PC).


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japs....not understand :|

btw, any one can tell whether the intro movie can be download? or perhaps where can i download? i wish to keep them


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New score from Famitsu:


For those who do not understand, Famitsu is the most influencial Jap magazine. They've give past games the following scores: we8 = 34, we6fe/we7 = 36.

:D :D :D :D :D

(8) Oh happy day, oh happy day!.. (8)