winning eleven 9 online


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it's not required but people can recognize you quicker so it's a good thing to have.

see you online man.


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Well I beat Real, and ManU, with just Ajax.

By one goal though...


It's hard, one guy beat me 4 times straight with Man U, and he was really bad....(just drbbling around)


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LOL yea I find I lose the ODD game to some noob who SUCKS!!!! Especially when I have 60% ball possesion 15 shots like 10 on target. But yet he has like 3 shots and 1 gay goal. His keeper saves his ass all the time and Henry misses sitters from like 2 ft when I tap the power button but it goes over. WTF??? Its laughable really. I dont get mad though cause I know I owned!!!!
Ok, I'm officially getting tired of playing Brazil. I played a few matches this morning, and every single guy I played against used Brazil ffs. I lost 4 matches and won 2, and it might sound like I'm just bitter because of the results but it's just so annoying after a while because it's not like I was dominated, it's just always because of some lucky break.

Is it me, or has anyone else noticed that the refs are biased in favour of Brazil? I swear Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Adriano, etc can take the ball away from me by knocking me right over, yet if I even make an attempt to challenge one of them for the ball the ref blows the whistle!? ahh, it's just so frustrating


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Dude, I have found a partial solution to this.

I just create my own rooms and call'em CLUBS ONLY, NO BAZIL, etc.

But this still doesn't solve the prob. Last nite I was quick to pick my team, olympiakos, coz I figured the guy would respect my request and the mother****er picked brazil. Of course I lost.

Those bi.tches never give up.


Intentional lag is thw worse thing.

The first half, its was literally unplayable. One second the ball is with the opposing goalie, and the next second opposing team has a corner kick!?! WTF~?~? lolol. But kept my cool and kept using long balls the first half. I ended up winning 1-0 but the first half was horrible.


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You should always check and see that the arrows next to the game room name's are green.

If they're yellow, maybe you'll get alittle lag, and don't play on reds.

I haven't played as Brazil yet, and don't plan to, there's just too much fun on seeing the other guy start hacking Mitea (Ajax)! Because they can't keep up on my counters.
Haha... :fool:

When I label my room "Play against Ajax", I always get Division-One players coming in, with their Milans/Reals/Ect. :rolleyes:
Enough said, they get the boot.
If its an amateur with those teams though, I do give them a game.


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I'm da original AJAX champ on here. :D I got this team down like woo hoo!!

Playin with 3 strikers upfront: Babel, Rosales, Rosenborg
3 central mids no wingers: Sneider AM, Pieenar CM, Maduro DM
4 defs.

Maxwell is my Sneider sub, Galasek can play either CM or DM. Dy Jong is my SB. Mitea is my supersub for either rosales but rosenberg but most for rosenber. This gives me 3 very fast forwards.

I'll take a screen of my formation later.

We can share tips. :)


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Here's my Formation:

------De Jong------Heitinga-----Escude---

The whole backline is solid, and Stekelenburg is amazing, he will take out most shots.

Galasek is my free-man, he runs pretty fast, and can take the ball from anyone. He moves on both sides, and the middle.

In the midfield I have two central-midfielders, Obodai and Maxwell, that run up both throught the middle and the wings, but their key job is to return fast and defend.

Both Rosales and Mitea are very fast, they usually play on the opponent's defence line, with Sneijder serving up long passes to them. They both actually work pretty well with the midfield Maxwell and Obodai, who have an excellent middle-shoot ability, I use the wing-forwards to make back-crosses to them alot.

Charisteas is great at finishing plays and midrange shooting, so he just stands there and receives crosses. He wins almost all aerial balls, and gives counters with precission.


Rosenberg comes in when I need more control in the attack, he's not fast, bt he ca swirl between the lines.
Piennar is very good at passing, but his definition is bad, I usually sub him for either Obodai or Maxwell.
Linberg is pretty good, he's my sub for Sneijder.
Maduro comes in on the back line, he's a really good defender.


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Yo let me play u both with PSV. I think I might be able to crack that back line :ewan: :ewan: And beasley+Robert+Farfan= Scary 3 uptop


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Hi fellas..

I have we9 PS2 version for about 3 or so weeks and have played nothing but online. I haven't touched the game offline yet. I just wanna make sure though you can't use option files online can you? I haven't heard anyone talk about this so I'm assuming you can't.. My record is not so good.. 9-11-17 but I'm addicted..