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where i can find those screens bigger ?
i'm playin' FM 2005 now, but i want to try something new, exactly WE:T

oh, i see now subtitle: european club soccer !

edit: this isn't new titile, last year Konami released rist time WE:T, so this is second part


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altavista translation from japaneese to english:
WE ' animation, ' WE ' graphics, and ' WE ' AI - -. Utilizing those, you cannot propose new play where it differs from the action game, or....... It is not possible to expand the possibility soccer simulation being new or....... In that way, the title which is started - - that is ' the Winning Eleven Tactics ' series. Last year it was sold ' J リーグウイニングイレブンタクティクス ' it continues, 2nd feature this winter appears on December 9th. Passing the time of 1 year, full model change. This time the mecca and Europe of Foot Ball in the stage, it is born ' EUROPEAN CLUB SOCCER Winning Eleven Tactics ' as and changes and it is appearance. Previous production similar and the player command screen, strengthen the team in "personal affairs" as a club supervision, freely use "strategy", top-rank club means to develop fight with the European each national league which crowds. It could not actualize with former soccer simulation, serious game of real time - -. There, there is no conclusion which is decided beforehand. The enormous data on the basis of, as supervision please experience the hypothetical European soccer boundary which was constructed on PS2. * As for stage to the European 6 leagues ─ ─ real soccer supervision simulation game ' ウイタク ' - As for stage of this time the European 6 leagues. 6 leagues simultaneously simulating.

Actualizing the hypothetical European soccer (LOL) boundary on PS2. セリエ A (Italy) Rihga ・ エスパニョーラ (Spain) エールディビジ (Holland) from all the 28 clubs of the England league French league German league previous production, the number of clubs increases in 6 league all the 116 clubs. - In club everything of the European 6 leagues as a supervision inauguration possibility. In addition to of the European 6 leagues, club of 20 teams which the South American team include from world nations to appear, also acquisition of the player is possible. - Furthermore it pierces the "supervision industry" and stuffs and reappears. As "an inauguration" and "a displacement" and a soccer supervision expressing "joy and sorrow". - Also "displacement" "re-inauguration" in the season middle actualizes by simulating 6 leagues simultaneously. Supervision transfer between league possibly. - 2004? At the time of 05 season commencement club data recording. * Part you exclude - Using the up-to-date game engine "of winning eleven 8". Furthermore to improve AI to the one for simulation game, optimization. - Editing mode loading. エデットデータ"of winning eleven 8" is read, possibility. * As for part data non correspondence - Strengthening transfer negotiation. Negotiation with the partner club of course concerning participation, victory option and appointment method the player and negotiation possibility. - From strategy easy to strengthen strategy simple setting and coach advice, understand. The indication is given to the group of players, adding "group strategy". - Preparing the practice menu because the strategy which is directed to the tournament is actualized. - Adding the topic performance which also trend other than inauguration club is understood at first. * The publication picture is something which is in the midst of developing, the actual commodity and part there are times when it differs. In addition being to be times when also various specifications it is modified please acknowledge beforehand.
of course it's only for PS2 as usual, of course no PC version and of course no demo ;)


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you don't have to know japaneese to read japaneese sites, just browse them through altavista page translator, you can see them in english or whatever another language you choosed


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what is easier to understand for you:

- text written using japaneese bushes エデットデータ


- text written 3/4 in robo-english

your choice :p