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I'm play in FIFA World Cup 2002.This is a good game.One of best from FIFA series.
When played in August,i win World Cup (play as Poland OMG).In exhibition win with Israel,Denmark and Argentina
In group D,score 9 points with Korea Republic,Portugal and United Stanes (United Stanes defeat 9:2)
In Round of 16 eliminate Mexico/Italy (I can't remember).In quaterfinals i'm knock out Ireland,in semifinal defeat Croatia.In final win with Argentina 3:0
Same game ? hmm....Graphic it's no bad,music it's some horrible.Game run's some slow (my eMachines notebook is not dream computer).PC version miss Holland team,reminder is passable.
My rating is 7.Game have pluses and minuses.Who look yours opinion ?
BTW My english is no perfect (notably grammar)


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Yes it's one of the best games ever made in the series, especially the menus and the atmosphere and the stadiums were awesome (Y)


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veggt;3054966 said:
Yes it's one of the best games ever made in the series, especially the menus and the atmosphere and the stadiums were awesome (Y)
Exactly. :33vff3o:
One of my favorite FIFA games. Occasionally I install it just to get back memories for that awesome World Cup... Oh, when I remember those firing balls from class players... very cool.
Even though graphics are very poor compared to nowadays games, its still beautiful to play... Absolutely great game!


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it was the best first fifa game! i loved it! i played this game about 2 and a half years! and i remember those firing kicks from half line to GOAL!!!!
Love this GamE!


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CrikeOwewket 3v

I have a Dell Latitude Laptop using Windows XP. I took it to Geek Squad because it was skipping and the freezing up when I played DVDs or any kind of audio. When it freezes I have to turn it off witut shutting it down. It also wouldn't freeze right freezes into about 10 minutes of playing the DVD. It was also making weird noises when it froze. Best Buy informed me that the noise wasn't any hardware issue, but the kind of noise the computer makes when it's frozen. They said nothing was wrong hardware wise, and that I had 6 viruses on the laptop. Well now, all those viruses are removed, and my laptop is still skipping and freezing when I play the point where I have to turn off the computer without shutting it down. Also, now it freezes and makes a weird noises when I'm not playing any audio. If it's not viruses, and geek squad said everything is fine with the computer physically, then what is it?


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My computer has been REALLY slow lately. Both the internet and the desktop are annoyingly slow. It's a PC and it's not new, but I'm not sure how old it is. We've had it for 3 years and before that, my aunt had for at least 4 years. I defragment it and do the disk cleanup regularly. And it has a lot of free memory left (it's like 75% of the computer's total memory is free). I have an up-to-date anti-virus program on it (BitDefender), and it runs scans on it, and has NEVER found a virus. All of the fire-walls are up and running. What could be wrong with my computer?? Please help!! *Thanks!*


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I have a gateway mx6421 with windows xp I keep getting the blue death screen which does not stay up long enough for me to get an error code. I have tried to uninstall drivers remove programs and system restore and none have worked. I have tried reinstalling windows xp and it states I am running a newer version (which isn't true). I have done virus scans, disc scans and the blue screen as usual shuts the computer down. I would do a system recovery however I do not have the disc (gateway did not give them) I have tried preforming it from the D drive however once I put in the operating disc which came with the computer it makes it to 18% and the damn blue screen shuts it down. If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it. I just want my computer back and my computer to stop shutting down.