World Cup 2022 Qatar Kits


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Amazing Kits .. High Quality
please keep going ..
We Want more ..Brazil , Swiss , Portugal , France ,Croatia , Uruguay , Serbia ...

very nice kits , thanks mate


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Guys is someone planning to add golden frontal numbers (1-26)?
If not, I can at least contribute by doing that.
(would appreciate a Germany adidas kitnumbers ttf though)

kitoverlay ?


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Nobody here is a kits making machine. Respect that someone is doing it for free and don't rush it. If you want these sets, try to make at least one yourself. If you try it you will see that it is not as fast as writing a post that reads "We want more"
I don't now what is the problem if I say we want more!

I know it's very difficult and it's taking to much time.. And I'm respecte him to give it for free..

I love his work ..
I don't mean to offend or pressure him.. I just want to see so many kits he is making with such great precision.


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The only thing I'm not satisfied about it the light blue pattern on the away kit.
Maybe somebody can help me with that?


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OMG.. unbelivable quality
thank you ..
thank you so much mate
this is better than EA kits

god bless you bro
love your job


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No no, the credits go to Voleck. He made them for fifa 22. I only edited them for 16!
Whatever .. you and voleck , robmar, makispla, zoran and Harry Bullzak are great content creators ..
despite years of years passed on FIFA 16 &14
you make us passionate about what you do