World Cup History Patch 1.0


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Just unpack WHCSERVER (first link) into PES install folder, do the same with EXE file (second link) (make a shortcut on desktop if you want). Copy the OF (WCH2009_EDIT01.bin) (second link) into the PES save folder (in My Documents).

Patch is version 1.10. Just copy and play and don't wory about other patches!!!

Patch contains:
- 272 National Teams from the World Cups (max number of teams in the OF)
- All teams from WC 2006 to WC 1970 (going backward)
- All semifinalist from WC 1966 to WC 1930
- original kits for some 20% of teams (most are from 2006. and 1998.), rest is done ingame
- a lot of classic faces done specialy for this patch + some other found on the net
- Stadiums from almost all WC Final matches (missing some stadiums that are domolished in the mean time, those are replaced with similar + missing Olympiastadion Munich, should be in update)
- Original amblems and maskots for all WC
- classic balls - oficiall balls for WC from 2006 to 1974 + classic one for old WCs
- Menu with World Cup motives
- Scoreboard, found and bit edited for the patch
- Updated flags acording to years from which the teams is (DR Germany, Zaire, old flags for some countries...)

This patch is an atempt to simulate those well known tournaments from the history. Each World Cup is a story for it self. Relations between the teams are made acording to the teams positions at the end of that World Cup. Also players stats are done acording to his performace on it, rather to his real capabilities. For example Ronaldinho is not realy good in WC2006 but he is great in WC2002.
You have options to play Exhibition or World Cup mode. In World Cup mode you have two options, real World Cup (32 teams, for 2006, 2002 and 1998) and former Konami Cup (for World Cups with less than 32 teams).
All informations are from (player names, numbers, positions), and first team players are from the most successfull match of that team (Brazil 2002 have first team from the final match)

Missing stuff and problems:
- No new: music, banners, addboards, chants (mostlly because of lack of time), maybe some of that will be in some update
- When making the tournamet PES always randomly inserts teams so you must change teams one by one with teams from the right year
- I tried to unlink all comentator names, if some missed me I apologise

Creator: Zdravoumartini
Idea for the patch: Demidic
Hex editing, ingame kits and some ideas: Tottimas
Kits: Zdravoumartini, Mare_93, others colected on the net
Faces: Pera11
Thanks to all whose stuff is in this patch, and thanks to and



Kits and logos:

Scoreboard, faces:

Flags, faces, player position graphic:

Try it and tell us how do you like it, bye


Team Captain
Amazing patch.

I will probably try it out but I still want to organize the current option file/graphics I have.