World League patch by Polish Team Project topic !!


Team Captain
well man i think it should be the best players from the league,whatever their nationality,Obviously it will be a matter of opinion and probably some people will disagree with you ,but its the best squad from all the players that you rate the highest.If anyone disagrees with you, then they will say so :)


Senior Squad
GKs: Lobont(Ajax),Stelea(Dinamo)
Defenders:Radoi(Steaua),Chivu(AS Roma),Barcauan(Sahtior),Goian(Dinamo),Ciubotariu(Dinamo)
Midfielders: Stoican(Sahtior),Ghioane(Dinamo Kiev),Cernat(Dinamo Kiev),Fl.Petre(Dinamo)


Reserve Team
If I should make some balls for this patch, should it be realistic balls with WL logo, or should it be some fantasy balls... The easiest way to do the balls would be to take eksisting balls and add the WL logo to them.
What would you prefer???


Reserve Team
Any requests??? Nike 90, Adidas, Diadorra, SELECT, uhlsport????
Att all: Which "Reallife" ball does people prefer? Please comment!