Would anyone care to make me a sig please.


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It's been a year and a half since I had a sig made for me since my beloved ICEBLU vanished and he was always nice enough to make me all the sigs. And since I've always admire Claudio Pizarro's talent would someone who isn't busy make me a Pizarro sig? here are some pictures. I love all you guys work and I admire the talent and spare time you guys would have.

I'm not a fan of Werder Bremen in any way. But the jerseys look nice so here are 2 pictures.



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Would anyone care to make me a sig please

If youd like me to make a sig or avatar for you, just post in this thread or PM me explaining how you want it to look like. =

Also, please specify the length and width you would like the sig to be.


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Hmmm i totally forgot about me opening this thread. bump since i still feel naked without having a ICEBLU art work hanging under my posts.


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15 minute job. Not even close to what IceBlu would've come up with. Hope you like it though.

And slight variation:



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Thank you sir Nady. I love it man no worries sir!! I just don't like comparing ICEBLU to anyone's he was really special in that department.

If your reading this now Nady i'm most likely wearing the siggg.