Xbox 360 Fifa 07 or Pro Evo 6


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Can you help please

My partner's son has just got an Xbox 360 for Christmas. As a long time player of Pro Evo from the days of ISS the opportunity to get the game for an Xbox 360 seems to good to miss but here's the problem, I have read so much negative stuff about it, no editing etc. Have even considered trying Fifa 07 (shudder at the thought) but all attempts at trying to enjoy EA sports offerings have always ended up back at the store.

So could someone help me make up my mind with an unbiased opinion.



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its not the best pes but its still better than fifa07
I also bought fifa07 but i end up returning it to the store.


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FIFA 07 (Xbox360) looks very good & a decent game on 360 platform. I played a few times on LCD tv, much better compared to the current generation platform. (Y)

I'm looking forward FIFA 08 for PS3.
right now, I only play WE series for a while..


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fifa on next gen is alot better than pes, wait a year or so until a proper pes game comes out on 360, be reminded that ea has already had 3 attempts (this being the third) with rtwc,fwc06, and of course fifa 07 where as this is konami's first attempt and is pretty much just a port and not really worth spending money on for a next gen title, if you want a truly next gen footie experience then fifa is your game but if you want an enjoyable footie game which doesnt excel in presentation and licensing but does bloody well in the other aspects then pes is the go, hope you got all of that
or you could wait for the Champions League game coming out in March, which improves on the FIFA 07 game engine and supposedly fixed some of the small aspects of the game that people have been complaining about..


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I played about 30-40 games on fifa 07 for the 360. I dont see what the big hype is about. The gameplay is end to end stuff with very little happening in the center of the pitch. And the speed is just ridiculously quick.


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Not overly happy with Fifa 2007 but I really really don't want to play a last gen game (PES6) on my next gen console, no thanks! In this era of next gen, gameplay and graphics have to be good. 360, PS3 can handle so much! EA cheated us but at least they built a new game engine and you can see and tell that it is next gen. PES6 looks like early PS2 game thrown on to 360. No thanx Konami. Keep praising Konami so that PES7-10 will still look like PS2 games on the PS3, 360...only with less liscenses and no editing system and 8 stadiums! Piece of advice: Demand the best from Konami, stop praising them blindly and they will eventually listen and put more effort into PES. So far that approach has been working for EA.