Xbox Live Gamertags


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I'd like to collect some Xbox Live Gamertags as I have found out that there are way to many quitters playing online.
So if anybody wants to tell his Gamertag you can do it here.

Mine is AlexDope.


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Ive started an active league, its called westcliff open, add me on beanjitsu187 on 360 and add SensorialRich too, we'l send the league invite if you cant find it. its any club team you want

! Cawirm !

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Xbox Live Gamertags

Just thought might be a nice idea to have a thread of all the Guru3d Members gamertags? We can all have a nice community on Xbox Live too then and Im sure theres enough people playing Gears of War.

Anyway Ill start obviously, Mason666
anyone who wants to can add me .