xisco's Kit Thread[Round 3: 2008-2009]


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...and finally :

Cagliari Calcio

note : I couldn't find a good picture of the goalkeeper kit, so i made it like the Bologna Gk, consider it as a generic goalie kit...

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Now the unlicensed kits of Serie A has been done, this was the first accomplished plan for a while now...next up, world domination (Y)


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Relax, Myx... he's just suggesting you make them as you are a reknowned minikit maker.


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Hey Myx, Mogolos is right, you got lazy lately. :D

Spidermex, i'm continuing with the Serie A kits, so they will probably come soon.

Thank you for all the comments (Y)

So next up for my friend Víctor Marcao :

ACF Fiorentina

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