Your Favorite Glove Brand (Keepers)


My current favorite is Reusch. The same brand that my idol wore (Peter Schmeichel)

I currently have about 4 pairs of them.

Team Windstopper
World Elite x 2
Serie A

These are all last seasons models. I hope to buy some new ones soon.


Senior Squad
I hate to use gloves for some reason :confused:

I have a pair of low quality ones (DeporLife :crazyboy: ), but it's OK for me :p

Amdy Faye

Senior Squad
Lol a guy in our team gets sent all the new gloves! He wears a different pair every game lol. He brought his kit bag the other week and had about 30 pairs in there. I'll ask him what his favourites are :)


Reserve Team
How come this guy gets sent new gloves? Is he a pro? I am a keeper and I would love some free gloves from a manufacturer. Ask him how he gets them...

Adz GK1

Club Supporter
Used to wear adidas fingersaves until i found out they can damage your hands. I now wear puma, nike and the new adidas fingertips.


Senior Squad
Adidas Fingersave Ultra E3, my favorite glove ever.

i kind of like the Uhlsport Ergonomic Supportframes, but they are very heavy compared to the E3s.

my least favorite (that I've worn) is the Adidas Extenso. the gripping is awful, and it gives no support at all.
Adidas Fingersave Ultra E3 for me too. grip is nice, my fingers don't get as sweaty (playing in midday heat :S).... and i find that i dont get nearly as many jammed fingers as i did with my older gloves.


Youth Team
I have a pair of moldy, ratty pumas. They haven't brought me much luck, as I ended up playing one game for second-tier "house" league. Ah, there's always next year...:rolleyes:


Club Supporter
I really don't care when I play, as long as I have a pair so I don't have the most sore hands on the planet when I am done. I have a pair I've worn down to the bone, most of the latex is gone.
As long as they have some grip so I can catch, I mean I can use mine 2-3 times per week and I get a good 9-10 months out of them, so as far as I am concerned, as long as they are gloves, I don't even mind using winter gloves lol.