Youth Academy Player Nationality


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Hello all :)

First of all, let me get this clear, I am not a racist ><. I'm just really curious as to why all of my players for a long long time have been from Austria (im in season 2012/13 right now) . My stab in the dark is that since I play in the Australian A-League, EA forgot to change the setting by one number or something, and thus all my youth players come from Austria. Is this the case for all of you? or just something really dodgy ><
Also, is it possible to make the youth players come from all over the globe, or the country of your soccer/league rather that just a country which is thousands of kilometres away from your football/soccer league's country?



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to Hectic:
yeah, my strikers too ...
in career mode, (since fifa 07) I got great strikers, they're all from Albania.