Youth Names (solved!)

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Now I can have youth players with names that resemble players of their nation already in the game! I noticed that in the career_namesgroups table not all nations were listed and those that weren't used youth names from players in the game (like England, Germany, Netherlands, etc.). I hated that all youth players from Spain, Mexico, and Argentina had generic names so I deleted their entire entry in the career_namesgroups tables and now I get youth player with more realistic names.

I tested it out in career mode and everything works. I scouted for several months with different nations that I wanted and they all came back with youth players that no longer had generic names. One thing I should warn you about is that for some nations, like Spain, Brasil, and Portugal, their youth players will have more than one last name. It resembles some of the Regens that appear in the game for these nations. I actually like this because it adds uniqueness to every player and it makes them sound like real people.

SO, if you would like to do what I did:
Open your DB file with DB Master
Scroll to the bottom of the tables and find career_namesgroups
Delete the entire entry for the country you would like to have real names for.
(do this by clicking the tile to the left of the nation id, it will highlight it)

I think this will corrupt your career mode if you have one in progress but it may not because I heard that as long as you don't add entries, deleting is okay. But just to be safe, back up your DB before you do this.
I have done this with nations that have lots of player, especially those with their own leagues like Russia, Portugal, Brasil, Mexico, and Spain. But also with Greece, Argentina, Nigeria, Ghana, and Uruguay because they had a lot of players in the DB too. Check the site UltraFIFA to see the amount of players each nation has:

Happy Gaming! :lui:

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In addition,
I also found a quick way to add names from smaller nations into another. I usually play with Saudi Arabia teams (especially Al Nassr) but I usually buy Tunisian players because quite a few of them have 4 or 5 star skills and their names are pretty cool, like Yassine Chikhaoui.
Since you can't scout in Tunisia, I changed all Tunisian player's nation from Tunisia to Saudi Arabia. That way when you scout in Saudi Arabia, there is a chance you can get a youth player with a Tunisian name.

Just open the DB with DB Master
Go to the nations tab, find the id for the nations you want to swap
Go to the players tab, organize the nationality tab and find the nation id you want to change
Add the nation id you want the player to be and do this for some or all of the players you want

To test, run FIFA, go to national team selection and try to add the player you just added to the nation.

Done :lui: