Yugoslavia kit


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Hagi....Well i knew you would do a great job on the Chelsea kits and i was right ...they are simply BEAUTIFUL my friend......Thanx for a great job:rockman:


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To Hagi:


the BEST Spain kit made EVER !!!

Great Work

thank you

P.D. make Spain away kit, please?


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Re: to Hagi

Originally posted by alkahalin
Coud you plz make some dotted textures for your adidas kits,like the one on the pic?:rockman:
Sure, I can make it. I didn't do it before, because the the don't appear on the back. I make the adidas kits with mesh on the back too, and if I add dotts they won't appear on the back. Difficult for me to explain. I will post a SS, where you can see what I mean.

Thanks for SS Marcus. Kitraptor 3 is just perfect and makes kit editing much easier.


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Ok, please post some pics.

Here are some examples why I make the mesh structure with trasparent images.

adidas shirt with mesh