Yugoslavia kit


Youth Team

Hagi, the Spain away kit is awesome, simply beautiful

Thanks, thanks, thanks.

P.D.: All your kits are best



Senior Squad
Hey Hagi , you are a great kit maker , one of the best !!!
You started with an excelent Yugoslavia Kit , and now the best kits , Keep'em coming , more kits more kits .
Give a try to kits that other kit makers didn't make !!!


Starting XI
Ok. Please post some pics, because I don't have good pics.
BTW: I will open a new thread, because this one is too big.
It hink it will be easier for you and me to find the stuff. I have no overview on this thread. Too many pages.


Starting XI
Hagi m8, I don't have v.good pics but essentialy can u use the kits already in the game as a guide? (use KR3 to export them)