Yugoslavia kit


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Hagi forget about it - I can't find good logos or nothing. Can u make Parma Home, Away and GK - cheers!


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Hagi...you really are gonna hate me for this but.....BOTH sections under the arms of Chelsea GK should be grey.....No white bits....I thought i explained that ok but when i read my post i can see how confusing it is...Thanx my friend:crazyboy:


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I don't know Hagi what kits can you do , continue with your great job Hagi . I heard this one time : Who needs EA when have Hagi , and it's real , who needs ea ? when have Hagi , a great kit maker
Hagi , I recommend you to fly to canada and work for EA , you are great


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What can i say,m8? Just beautifull as always. Just the best. One more request.Could you make Juve's Goalie with FEDE's texture and Real kits too


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Hey Hagi, your kits are awesome man,
do you by any chance have America de Cali (COL) away,
I would appreciate it if you could post it.

Thanks man.


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Hi. About the Real Sociedad kits. I'm already making them but I don't have any image of the brandmark astore. Could someone please post a pic, so that I can see how to draw it?


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Thank u, Hagi. Can't wait. BTW I searched REALLY hard for the Krafft Professional logo but all I could find was the Krafft bit in the red rectangle and below that just a blue rectangle with nothing in it...