Yugoslavia kit


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Originally posted by ser KAN-STYLE

If you are interested in making adidas fantasy kits, then i have one or two ideas for new adidas style. Fifa textures. Sorry for low quality, I am no kitmaker

Liam Urwin

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thanks for making my brazil kit and using my nike design on other teams..they look class! but can u post them with out ur name on them so i can use them in the game!


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Hi Hagi!
I know that there are a lot of Man Utd kits out there,but none of them are perfect.
And seeing your kits, I'm sure you can make them absuloutely perfect(But PLEASE use your old texture for making the kits-The one used for the Brazil kts,PLEASE)
Could you PLEASEEEEEEEE make all 4 kits(home,away,third,gk)?
For pics go to http://store.manutd.com