Zidane and others


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Does anyone know which id Zidane and other classic playes have??
Cuz ive managed to find Shearer,Seaman and Scholl:D


Starting XI
check this out!

1 David Seaman
497 Andreas Herzog
523 Stefan Reuter
720 Thorsten Fink
917 Rodolfo Cardoso
1030 Gabriel Batistuta
1114 Roberto Baggio
1116 Marcel Desailly
1173 Nicola Amoruso
1308 Oliver Bierhoff
1399 Christophe Dugarry
1620 Emmanuel Petit
1624 Sonny Anderson
1773 Frank Leboeuf
1833 Pierre Van Hooijdonk
5333 Mario Stanic
5590 Josep "Pep" Guardiola Sala
5626 Fernando Hierro
5681 Marc Overmars
6645 Kaba Diawara
7303 Nikos Liberopoulos
7332 Davor Suker
9607 Youri Djorkaeff
10049 Piotr Świerczewski
10764 Garcia Juanfran
17272 Khalilou Fadiga
17989 Sa Pinto
20764 Nozomi Hiroyama
41851 Lucimar da Silva Ferreira
47919 Jens Jeremies
49131 Luis L.Enrique
53001 Stefan Effenberg
103497 Predrag Mijatovic
138683 Kazuyuki Toda
140178 Yutaka Akita
140181 Nobuhisa Yamada
140185 Akira Narahashi
140186 Tomokazu Myojin
140188 Toshihiro Hattori
140189 Masashi Nakayama
140191 Teruaki Kurobe
140194 Seigo Narazaki
140195 Ryuzo Morioka
140197 Tatsuhiko Kubo
140198 Yuichiro Nagai
140199 Daisuke Ichikawa
140201 Yoshi to Okubo
140202 Mitsuru Nagata
140532 Gilles De Bilde
141022 Maris Verpakovskis
152462 Nawaf Al Temiyat
152619 Gerald Asamoah
48 Graeme Le Saux
51 Alan Shearer
194 Steve McManaman
240 Roy Keane
666 Stephane Henchoz
1059 Ciro Ferrara
1201 Gianfranco Zola
1252 Christian Karembeu
1397 Zinedine Zidane
1607 Fabien Barthez
4000 Dennis Bergkamp
4305 Karel Poborsky
5275 Filip De Wilde
5571 Diego Pablo Simeone
5596 Sergi
5680 Patrick Kluivert
5860 Emile Mpenza
6546 Eyal Berkovic
7303 Nikos Machlas
7518 Veron
7545 Francesco Coco
8385 Alexander Mostovoi
9262 Viktor Onopko
10961 Marcelo Salas
11477 Ailton
13383 Hidetoshi Nakata
17249 Emmanuel Olisadebe
44918 Fran
51840 Fredi Bobic
102758 Tomas Razanauskas
140387 Patrik Andersson
142240 Paolo Di Canio


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thelordspawn;2460731 said:
yes for the ones i created they have real faces ea made. nto neccesarily the latest faces but faces
Which ones you created? I look the faces that are in Creation Master and for example i cant see Zidane face or Bergkamp face. How can i put it? or do you mean a patch that put the player in game with faces created by people here?


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Oh, i see it now!! Is Wonderful!!! That faces are all great!!!

Buf nobody made others like Maradona, Cruyff, Romario that are good too, or yes?

I see gigi patch but nobody put previews of the faces, only a few and sorry, but i dont like it. I hope more people do more classical players faces.


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Can anyone plzz tell me ids of the follwing players??
Thanks in advance.


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If you have a older FIFA , you can do this.
@simo_yes: create a new player in CM 08, put the ID of the classic player, and the face and miniface will appear. You'll just have to boost his attributes.
@Wesley Wang: they are already in zdata files, but they don't have a correspondent in player list. They are kind of hidden


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andy88;2461464 said:
Can anyone tell what is the total no of hidden players in fifa08 with list of their ids & name?

i'd like to second that, and also could it be possible to make a list of players with edited faces in the game? (obviously players that were generic in previous versions)


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Can I user some of your "Hidden Players" in my ClassicXI Patch Thank you
(you and all your crew from the Hidden Players Patch will be credited)