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ZikaJeSrbin;3579101 said:
JSL is done and the kits will be placed in the patch, romanian kits are also done, didn't do the whole league, only these needed. Both packs will be found in the patch.
Skrill Confrence is the new project that I'm working on...

Can You post the link of Jelen SuperLiga???? plz


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Adidas Entrada 14/15:

so far:
Condivo 14/15
Regista 14/15
Entrada 14/15

Last: Adidas Tabela 14/15

Might seem simple, couldn't judge much by the picture, but I'm pretty certain that it has simple seams.



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By request from bcool (FIFA-SERBIA)

Lokomotiv Moscow 13/14 Third:

*Use Collar 8, Seams and Pattern recreated by using the kit of Rennais as a base.



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FC Volga Nizhny Novgorod 13/14 (Correct Home Kit, new gk kit)

*Use default number positioning of Volga in the CM 14.

Home: (Collar 7)

GK: (Collar 0)



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Please Correct home and away kits Kuban Krasnodar.


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The kits that were made for the Sogaz were missing in FIFA 14, Volga did not have a goalkeeper kit and the home kit was changed during the season to the one you have seen a few posts back. These pictures of the kits that you've posted for Kuban are already present in FIFA. If you have taken notice of any changes in the league concerning kits, especially after the winter break where changes might take place, I'd be glad to help.