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Amigo essas faces que vc converte são do FIFA 16 ? vc converte pelo FIFAConverter ?
Sim, mas o cabelo dos jogadores fica bugado, ainda não consegui resolver
my friend I've done everything but I can't convert, could you make a step-by-step video explaining it, I'd be very grateful, I'm from Brazil, I'm creating my own mod, I'm sad that in the community there are people who can help, but it doesn't matter to help, if you can I will be grateful!
friend could you send me this version King AJ,the link is broken!
tokke is there a way to convert these FIFA 16 managers to FIFA 14

Friend, do you know how to convert stadium from fifa 16 to fifa 14?
Hi bro! Sadly, I don't know how to do that... locosbuda and gonzaga are the ones who know very well how to do it, especially gonzaga.
Hi mate do you by any chance have the working .cff and .rx3 files for Fifa 12 Cyber Face Converter?
Please share if you do. I want to create some faces
Friend you have these faces could you send me please!
My friend gonzaga, I'm starting to convert stadiums from fifa 16 to fifa 14, but so far without success, it would be very good for you to make a step-by-step toturial on how to convert stadiums, it would be magnificent, because it would help other people to convert too, of course If you want, your work is very cool, I would like to learn a lot from you I'm Brazilian, Hugs!
hi tokke sorry for bothering you but when i edit the database of FIFA 11 patch 16/17 the game crash or the game is corrupted. how can i edit the database withouth errors or crash?
Friend, can you send me these faces, I would be grateful!
hi harry congrats on a great patch can you add liga 2 romania in the futher if you can thancks and lots of hetlh to you and your family
Hey, i've had a problem with FIFA 23 Live Editor, basically when i hit "run game" on LE, it tells me: "Origin isn't installed and it's needed to play the game, reinstall" Even though i've always played the game without it. And even if i try to reinstall Origin, i can't use it cause EA shut it down in favour of EA App.
What should i do?
Have a nice day.