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hi pedro!! i would like to ask you if you can tell me where to find in editor tool the logos on the back of the warmup suit? i don't mean the tank top (like champions league ones), i mean the sweater. i cannot find the logos on the back
Faces Jeff
Emile Smith Rowe PES 2021 to FIFA 14
links in FileUpload and ShareMods

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Hi! Have you solve the problem with crashing faces? I got the same problem as well. Set face type doesn’t help
Hello, no, i dont found any solution, just delete the faces and liv the generic one....
hey man top of the morning to you. do you happen to have tchouameni and kayky faces by teclas? it seems he has deleted them. i'd be really happy to have them. thanks mate:)
fellow creator here btw:)
hello good night where or in what form do i speak another language Chuny can you show me
The Notice you saw isn't just for you. It is displayed for every member of the forum ;)
shadow 79
shadow 79
thank you mate for the information ;)
13. Antigua & Barbuda
15. St. Kitts & Nevis
16. Nicaragua
17. Dominican Republic
18. Barbados
19. Bermuda
21. Puerto Rico
22. Belize
23. Guyana
24. St. Vincent & Grenadines
25. St. Lucia
26. Cuba
27. Montserrat
28. Dominica
29. Cayman Islands
30. Aruba
31. Bahamas
32. Turks & Caicos
33. US Virgin Islands
34. British Virgin Islands
35. Anguilla
Harry hi! I wanted to disable transfers in the "cmsettings.ini" file because I like to play with real lineups. But now the career takes off on the 20th of June. Please tell me how you can fix :? previously, in the v3 mod, I could play with the transfer disabled
22. Tajikistan
25. Kuwait
26. Hong Kong
27. Afghanistan
29. Myanmar
30. Malaysia
31. Maldives
32. Chinese Taipei
33. Indonesia
34. Singapore
35. Nepal
36. Cambodia

37. Macau
38. Mongolia
39. Bhutan
40. Bangladesh
41. Laos
42. Brunei Darussalam
43. Pakistan
44. Timor-Leste
45. Sri Lanka
46. Guam
3d greek kits from pes 21 with sponsors

and kits

Friend, you can send me your body model, and settings file from the fifarna folder!
friend could you send me the shortest model of shorts!
Bruno Passarelli
Yes, of course! Call me on private and I will send you. Only onte thing though: this version, when players have low socks, there is a black shadow on their thighs (depending on yout resolution quality it can be only at night or at all times). Plaster, the one who created it, said it can't be fixed. The rest it's perfect.
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no problem friend, I already called there in private!
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Friend, could you pass me the face of Pedro Henrique PAOK the link is broken!