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PES Editing Tool

Written by on Friday, 1 March 20132 Comments

We might be slightly late on this one, however if we are there is no denying the incredible value a PC based Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 editing tool would bring to the market. In the same way FIFA has it’s creation centre, PES really needed, and now has a (unofficial) way of controlling and editing kits, players, logos and faces on your home computer, before converting them to a PlayStation 3 or X Box 360 friendly format.

PC gamers have been treated to this for some time, and whilst the new tool is not as effective as some of the patches or mods found for the PC version, there is no denying that having a way to simply and efficiently edit your own game is welcome addition to all console owners.

Below is a video showing how to use the files, and for full links on the software required, please following the link HERE (Source: PES Gaming)

YouTube Preview Image