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Nabo78 bootpack v.1.8.4 is out!

*185 new boots assignments!
*New boots:
Umbro Geometra II - Black/Bluebird/Dark Shadow
Umbro Geometra II - White/Royal Blue/Black
Umbro Geometra II - Sulphur/Navy/White
Lotto Fuerzapura III 100 - White/Silver
Lotto Fuerzapura III 100 - White/Silver/Red
adidas Predator LZ - DB

*new boots ids according to Fifa latest updates (for a better matchday experience)
*ModdingWay Selector compatible!
*Boots name thanks to fakefisher

In this pack you'll find everything necessary to make my bootpack work:

- dbm13
- shoe folder of course
- i68 patcher
- i68 regenerator
- boots folder for ModdingWay Selector
- boots name add-on.

How to install:
First of all, back up your db and shoe folders, your boots assignments and, if you have ModdingWay Patch, boots folder.
Activate boots ids in your db. Get the playerboots.txt table in "step 1 - playerboots" folder and follow this tutorial:

Copy and paste the contents of "step 2 - bootpack" folder into "Game" folder(overwrite your previous files once asked)
Run the patcher ("step 3 - i68 patcher" folder) and wait (it will take a while...15000 boots assignments need time!).
Regenerate ("step 4 - i68 regenerator" folder). This last operation is just once-off. If you did it with my previous version it's not
necessary this time.
Delete all the boots assignments in your lua file.

This bootpack is compatible with any patch.

If you notice that boots are not correctly assigned to the players, follow this last step:
in the main menu, go to costumise fifa/edit teams/change squads-roster and reset all squads

For all the people who notice crashes in edit mode
You'll find a playerboots.txt called "playerboots by nabo78 less than 150 boots" in "step 1 - playerboots" folder , use that one.

ModdingWay Patch add-on
Before starting installing my bootpack, delete shoe folder (XXX\FIFA 13\Game\data\sceneassets).
Delete boots folder (XXX\FIFA 13\Game) and replace with the one in my add-on.
Now you can use Modding Selector.

Boots name and IDs in edit mode - add -on by fakefisher
open the following language files in XX\FIFA 13\Game\data\loc:
eng_us-meta (or ita_it-meta or spa_es-meta or whatever language you want to use)
eng_us (or ita_it or spa_es or whatever language you want to use)
For doing it use DB Master13.
Export the table as LanguageStrings.txt to your desktop
Copy and paste the contents on my LanguageStrings-boots edition.txt (you'll find it in "add-on boots name" folder) to the end of your LanguageStrings.txt, save it.
Import the new LanguageStrings.txt to your language database and save.


fifamania community

Boots lists:
soccergaming community
evoweb community

Boots name in edit mode:



step 1 - how to import playerboots.txt

step 2 - bootpack
step 3 - i68patcher
step 4 - i68 regenerator

add-on bootnames in edit mode

Hope you like it

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