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GFX MOD for FIFA 16: The Night Matches

As promised...

GFX MOD for FIFA 16 by Fede

The wait is over! The first pack of the GFX MOD Series for FIFA 16 is here!
13 All-New Presets that will turn your FIFA 16 as close to a real live boradcast football match as it can get.
Completely re-worked from scratch. Using a new system, different from last year.

The first release is aiming at Night Matches but some of them will fit perfectly for Day Matches as well as you will be able to see in some of the screenshots inside the folders. TRY EACH OF THEM FOR YOURSELF!

:::::::::::::::::GFX MOD FOR FIFA 16
By Federico Debla:::::::::::::::::::

This Mod is CPU consuming. So if you don't have a powerful PC, IT MAY and IT WILL cause lagging, stuttering, etc. Please don't even bother asking "Why it lags?" or "Why does the game run slow?", etc.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______
There are enough options to suit your taste. One with more natural colors, one with more vibrant colors, another one with a more green-ish look, etc. I'm sure you'll find something you'll like!

If you have any issues or questions please ask them in the respective SoccerGaming Thread where I released this Mod.
Additionally, you may want to read a little bit about what's ReShade and MasterEffect, check it out at:

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______
If you have any suggestions for more GFX MOD Styles feel free to let me know what you think I should improve at the SoccerGaming Thread of this mod.

I will keep creating more different styles and I'll be updating the topic over at the SG forums so make sure you check it out.

Any suggestions/questions/etc? Visit the official GFX MOD @ SoccerGaming and share it with me and the rest.

If you have a FIFA related website or you're working on a PATCH and you want to upload/include this, feel free to do so. Just PLEASE don't change anything inside the Pack (the .RAR file)

Ok, no more talking...


EDIT: Uploaded a new version with a new preset. #13. And tweaked the Sharpen settings so it will suit most of the screen resolutions better. The previous version was making the image too sharpen for some people. I had it like that because it made the game look REAL for my 50'' TV.

Edited the first post with this.
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